UC San Diego Receives $1.3M from Koret Foundation to Support Marine Archaeology Research

Feb 13, 2020

Three-year gift will support scientific collaboration between the Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology and the University of Haifa in Israel. View project page on Facebook.

Archaeology team gets training on using Scripps's new coastal vessel

Oct 3, 2019

The R/V Bob and Betty Beyster is the newest addition to the Scripps fleet of oceanographic research vessels. After arriving in April following a generous philanthropic effort, the vessel is now in heavy rotation.


June 6, 2018

The ship lay mostly undistrubed for 2400 years. Now learn that deep underwater excavations and new digital techniques can tell us about Classical ships and their cargos with Professor Stella Domesticha of the Department of History and Archaeology at the University of Cyprus.



March 20-29, 2018

UC San Diego's SCMA is establishing a state-of-the-art marine archaeology field school and expedition with colleagues from the University of Haifa in Israel that will go into the field this coming July.  To strengthen the program, four Haifa team members visited UC San Diego in March to plan the program, establish marine archaeology protocols and engage in fundraising efforts.  On the evening of March 21, Susan Lapidus, Director of the Murray Gallinson San Diego-Israel Initiative hosted the University of Haifa and UC San Diego SCMA team members for a wonderful dinner at the Leichtag Commons, an extensive agricultural property in the heart of Encinitas California.  The University of Haifa team included Prof. Assaf Yasur-Landau, Prof. Gil Gambash and the university science diving officers Amir Yurman and Moshiko Bahar.

On March 22, Michelle and Bill Lerach hosted a special reception at their beautiful home in La Jolla overlooking the Pacific Ocean to celebrate the inaugration of the UC San Diego - University of Haifa Marine Archaeology Field School and Expedition.  Phokion Potamianos, Chair of the SCMA Advisory Council, served as host for this exciting event where some 100 friends, faculty, staff and graduate students attended.  Lovely Mediterranean food was served.Welcoming remarks were made by Margaret Leinen, Director, Scripps and Vice Chancellor of Marine Sciences and Carol Padden, Dean of Social Sciences.  This was followed by an overview of SCMA goals and its mission by SCMA co-director, Prof. John Hildebrand.  Prof. Tom Levy, SCMA co-director and Principal Investigator (PI) of the UC San Diego marine archaeology program in Israel team spoke about research and pedagogy goals for the field school.  This was followed by Assaf Yasur-Landau who contextualized the project that will take place in the waters of the Biblical site of Tel Dor on Israel's Mediterranean coast.  Assaf is the PI for the University of Haifa team.  Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Scripos, Isabel Rivera-Collazao, who will be a team member this summer,  explained to guests some of the paleo-environmental research goals of the expedition.  Christian McDonald, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Scientific Diving Safety Officer, along with Amir and Moshiko met with guests and explained how science diving would be carefully integrated into the field school program. SCMA Science Project Manager, Dr. Margie Burton, helped organize this special event.  It was a spectacular evening where everyone in attendance felt the exciting energy emerging out of the new marine archaeology field school and expedition.


March 14, 2018

The Scripps Center for Marine Arcaheology brings the Global Forum: The Search for Ancient Ports and shipwrecks in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean: New Marine Geoarchaeological Research with Professor Papatheodorou! Join us for an interactive discussion on the emerging field of Cyber-Archaelogy and Sustainability.



October 18, 2017

University of California San Diego anthropology professor Thomas E. Levy is back in San Diego after participating in the fourth International Conference on Dialogue of Civilizations, held in Ahmedabad, India and co-organized by the National Geographic Society, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and India’s Ministry of Culture.

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August 3, 2017

La Jolla Light writer Will Bowen reports on the creation of the Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology (SCMA), now co-directed by UC San Diego archaeologist Tom Levy and Scripps Institution of Oceanography professor John Hildebrand. Also interviewed for the articles are UC San Diego professors Isabel Rivera-Collazo and Jade d'Alpoim Guedes (pictured), both of whom have joint faculty appointments in Anthropology and Scripps Oceanography.

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UC San Diego Library Publishes Q&A with Cyber-Archaeology Pioneer Tom Levy

June 8, 2017

Thomas E. Levy, a Distinguished Professor in the UC San Diego Department of Anthropology and holder of the Norma Kershaw Chair in the Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Neighboring Lands, is a Levantine field archaeologist, and directs the UC San Diego Levantine and Cyber-Archaeology Laboratory.

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UC San Diego Launches Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology

June 1, 2017

Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Department of Anthropology have recently joined efforts within the University of California San Diego to launch the Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology (SCMA).

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Lecture Series - Marine and Environmental Archaeology at Tel Dor, Israel

May 1, 2017

Speaker: Dr. Assaf Yasur-Landau, Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology, Department of Maritime Civilizations, University of Haifa (Israel), and Visiting Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, UC San Diego (Spring 2017)
Abstract: The speaker will discuss marine and environmental archaeology at Israel’s Tel Dor excavation site, focusing on development of the project, problems and constraints.

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Dr. Assaf Yasur-Landau will be a visiting distinguished professor at UC San Diego in spring 2017, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on marine archaeology in Biblical seas. In the Anthropology Department, he will teach the spring course in ANTH 265 and ANAR 165. Professor Yasur is the Head of the Department of Maritime Civilizations and the Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies in the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences at the University of Haifa. . He graduated in archaeology from Tel Aviv University and did postdoctoral studies at Harvard University. Dr. Yasur’s main research interests are the ties between the Aegean and the Levant, maritime trade, coastal survey and Canaanites and Phoenician culture. Current research projects include the Tel Kabri excavations project and the Tel Achziv coastal exploration and publication project.

Town Hall

Spring 2017 / TBD

A Town Hall is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2017 (date to be announced). The SCMA, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UC San Diego Department of Anthropology will organize the meeting for the broader campus community to identify specialists from a variety of fields who may want to collaborate on current or future projects in marine archaeology. This Town Hall will also seek input on the center’s statement of purpose, mission and vision, goals and objectives, and ultimately the adoption of a work plan for the three-year period from 2017 through 2019.